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Computer ATX Power Supply Tester II CTL-4943

Computer ATX Power Supply Tester II CTL-4943
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20 $

Computer ATX Power Supply Tester II CTL-4943
20 $
В наличииComputer ATX Power Supply Tester II CTL-4943
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Computer ATX Power Supply Tester II CTL-4943 Модель:CTL-4943
Наименование: Black Portable 20/ 24-pin Computer ATX SATA Power Supply Voltage Tester II with LCD Display Screen CTL-4943
Product Features:
Black portable computer/ATX power supply tester
A compact and practical power supply tester with multiple test functions
Small size and sturdy construction with aluminum case
An optimal choice to check computer and ATX power supply performance
Helps you to easily diagnosis problem source and prevent possible damage to your system
Features auto warning alarm for lower and higher power supply voltage
With a clear easy-to-read LCD screen to precisely show each output voltage
Easy operation, just plug power supply connector to the matching port in this tester
After hearing a tick-tock sound you can read the power supply's output condition on the LCD screen
If a certain output is abnormal, it will alarm and relative digit will blink on the screen
Designed to fit the following test connectors:
--- 20/24-pin power supply connector, SATA & Floppy connector, 4/8-pin CPU connector, 6/8-pin PCI-Express connector and IDE Hard Disk connector
Accurate voltage indicating +12V, +3.3V, +5V, +5VSB, -12V
Size: 125 x 65 x 20mm
Color: black
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  • Цена: 20 $
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